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Komárno is a district town in the south of Slovakia, which lies directly on the border with Hungary. Many people have no idea that Komárno can be a very interesting place for tourists. Here are the 6 most beautiful places you can visit in this city.

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1. Europe Courtyard 

Europe Square is truly a beautiful square. Consisting of several houses representing individual European states. You will see the architecture of buildings in the Netherlands, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Spain and many other countries. In case the architecture style of the house doesn’t really tell you anything, look at the small labels above the door of the house, which will tell you what state it is.

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2. Visit a reservoir reminiscent of a princess castle

Well, admit it, doesn’t this water tank look like love from a movie? So it really feels that way to me, and even if you can’t go to the roof, it is definitely worth looking at this beautiful building during your visit to Komárno.

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3. Komárno is very rich in history

In the past, it was inhabited by Celts and Romans. After that, many remains remained, including the military camp Celemantia, which can be found near Komárno in the village of Iža. That is why Komárno still belongs to important Slovak archaeological sites.


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4. Walk along the Elizabeth Bridge to Hungary

Elizabeth Bridge is a bridge connecting Slovakia with Hungary. This way you can go from Komárno to the town of Komárom, so you will also be in Komárno, but already in Hungary. And if visiting your neighboring states didn’t seem like a good enough reason to walk over this bridge, I would like to remind you that from there you have a really nice view of the Danube as well as the distant mountains.

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5. Visit the beautiful town hall 

The town hall is one of the dominant buildings in Komárno. If you come closer to it, it looks slightly exotic, also thanks to the palm trees, which are ornamentally planted there. In any case, it is worth visiting.

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6. Go to the ancient monastery

You will also find many historical buildings here, including this manor house. It is also worth seeing from the inside, as there you will also find an amphitheater for various cultural events, as well as large inscriptions Hello Komárno (in slovak language) and Hello Komárom (In hungarian language).

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I hope that the reasons for visiting Komárno seem sufficient to you for now. ? It is a really nice city and it is never to the detriment of supporting Slovak tourism.

If you are thinking of visiting another Slovak city, I recommend the capital Bratislava, or the beautiful Banská Štiavnica.