Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany. It is known mainly because of its cathedral. After what I lived in Cologne for one year, I know that it offers even more. Here is a list of the top ten sights of Cologne that you should definitely see when visiting this amazing city.


1. Kölner Dom

 This monumental cathedral is the symbol of Cologne. The city of Cologne is often depicted with just two turrets belonging to this cathedral. It also serves as the seat of the Archbishop. It is the third largest cathedral in the world and is visited by many tourists every day. So, have you ever been to such an important cathedral?

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2. Marktplatz 

You can recognize the most famous square in Cologne called Marktplatz by the colorful typical German houses. Located right next to the cathedral, there are many restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors.

3. Hohenzöllerbrücke

This 400-meter-long bridge is particularly interesting because of the castles with which the lovers symbolically promise lifelong love. The castle hangs on the bridge and throws the key from it to the Rhine. It is such love castles that already hang on the Hohenzöllerbrücke more than 300 000. Will you also contribute to the collection?

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4. Rheinhafen

Rheinhafen is recognized by three 60 meters high modern buildings. At times they served as hospitals, but today there are only offices and very expensive apartments.

5. Chocolate Museum

Who would not like chocolate? In this museum, her person gets full, you can even make your own. There is also an artificial rainforest and a chocolate fountain. Yummy.

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6. Phantasialand

This amazing amusement park is divided into departments, named by places and continents of the world like China, Africa, Central America, Berlin and Vienna. According to these places are also adequately decorated. Located just a few kilometers north of Cologne. Tickets aren’t exactly the cheapest, but it’s worth it. An elderly woman from Germany once said to me: Yes, it’s expensive, but I would pay for the ticket even if I wasn’t allowed to go to any attraction or show around.

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7. The Cologne Zoo

One of the most visited ZOOs in Germany has up to 1.7 million visitors a year. There is a pavilion of monkeys, an ancient bird aviary, a rainforest and many others. In addition, you can also attend various lectures that are held here regularly.

8. Castle Brühl

Not right in Cologne, but a few kilometers north, is the beautiful Augustusburg. It was built at the behest of August Clement and you will often find his initials inside the castle. There are also large gardens or one smaller castle.

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9. Museum Ludwig

This museum is especially suitable for fans of modern art. There are paintings by famous painters such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Augustus Macke.

Salvador Dali painting 300x215 - Cologne-10 places you have to visit in Cologne

10. Germanic Museum

And next to the cathedral you will find several important museums, including the Germanic, in which you can learn many new attractions about the life of people in Cologne and all of Germany in history.


Cologne is a truly beautiful city, and to get to know the local culture to the full, be sure to try the Kölsch (local beer), take part in the local carnival, which takes place year after year in February and is one of the largest in the world. music, which mainly sings love of homeland (known group is Kasalla) or watch a football match with the team FC Cologne. On life in Cologne I will certainly write another article describing local customs and traditions. If you have any comments or comments on this list of ten sights in Cologne, I would be delighted with your comments. OkiaIf you would like to find out about other interesting cities in Germany, for example, read an article about Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Regensburg or the beautiful village of Dinkelsbühl.