Dresden is one of the most visited places in Germany and is the capital of Saxony. Thanks to a varied collection of art and monuments, Dresden has earned the nickname Florence na Elbe. I visited them this summer and I really liked the city. 

With my boyfriend we arrived from Prague, from where the bus journey took only 2.5 hours (of which 40 minutes we were at customs control: D) There was no problem from the main station to get to the city center, where we visited Dresden’s most famous sights.

Dresden Frauenkirche 300x225 - Dresden - visit Florence on the river Elbe


Who would say that it is in Dresden that we find such a nice oriental building. But the truth is that, despite many oriental elements, it is not a mosque, but a tobacco factory. I only found out about this fact inside the building, when I wanted to force myself under the dome. Unfortunately, this mosque is closed to the public.

Dresden mosque 300x225 - Dresden - visit Florence on the river Elbe

2. Frauenkirche 

The dominant feature of Dresden is the church called Frauenkirche. As Dresden had to during the Second St. war to face the so-called. carpet attack, which, in addition to killing 25,000 people, destroyed almost the entire city. An exception was not the Frauenkirche, which was renovated only 15 years ago. It will fascinate you with its unconventional architecture and colourful Baroque interior.

Frauenkirche inside 300x225 - Dresden - visit Florence on the river Elbe

3. Fürstenzug Dresden

Dresden offers tourists also an artistic experience. Here you will find the largest mural in the world. The porcelain painting of the Fürstenzug depicts 34 Saxon rulers during their conquest. You will find this painting just a short walk from the Frauenkirche, and best of all, a visit costs absolutely nothing.

Dresden Malerei 300x225 - Dresden - visit Florence on the river Elbe

4. Kunststoffpassage

If you like modern art, this art passage should also be on your list of places to visit. You can find it in Dresden Neustadt. It consists of five buildings, decorated according to different styles and designed by different architects. The blue house with pipes became the most famous. Interestingly, when it rains, the water in the pipes is supposed to make music. I visited this passage during a beautiful sunny day, so unfortunately I can’t verify this fact.

Dresden Kunstpassage2 300x225 - Dresden - visit Florence on the river Elbe

5. Dresden Zwinger

Most people connect Dresden with the Zwinger. It is one of the most famous Baroque buildings in all of Germany. Here you will find 3 important art museums, including a porcelain museum. This castle is freely accessible to tourists and is definitely worth a visit. You can find out more about the exhibitions on the official website of the Dresden Zwinger.

Dresden ZWINGER2 300x240 - Dresden - visit Florence on the river Elbe

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