Mexico is exactly the 8th most visited country in the world and there are many reasons for it. Mexico is a real paradise for tourists. You’ll find there beautiful beaches, you can bathe in the Caribbean Sea, visit Mayan Pyramids to see the jungle. The options are many and the Yucatan peninsula is the best choice if you plan to travel to Mexico. Here’s a list of 11 breathtaking places you have to see and experience on the Mexican Yucatan.


1. Chichen Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico

One of the modern 7 wonders of the world is the Corkucan Pyramid in the ancient Mayus of Chichen Itza. This probably the most important archaeological site throughout Mexico had a really interesting purpose. Although Mayan pyramids are mainly known for their bloody history with human victims, the Corkovcan Pyramid had a completely different meaning. Mayan people were known as excellent astronomers and maybe surprise you that this pyramid has served them as a calendar. Four sides of the pyramids represent four seasons. On each side, it has exactly 91 steps, which is exactly 364 after the census. One stink is one day in the year. Chichen Itza had even observatory and thanks to astronomy knew exactly the appropriate time for seedling seeds.

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Finally, human sacrifices did not serve to summon rain. It was just an excuse with which priests could affect and maniple them. The educators knew exactly when the rainy period occurs and it was also the time when the victim starts to perform. On the contrary, when the dry season has come, there were no victims. Rain would not come and Maya would lose confidence in priests.

2. Cenotes Hubiku

Cenotes are exceptional caves with an opening in the country usually filled with underground water. In Mexico, these beautiful natural phenomena are located up to about 8,000. But they are not all yet discovered, according to some sources it can be in Yucatan to 10,000. Many Cenotes are made available to the public and even bathe. One of them is Cenotes Hubika, which is only 4 years available.

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3. Ek Balam, Yucatan

There are many archaeological finds on Yucatan and Mayan cities with pyramids. Ek Balam does not belong to the most famous findings. About that more is its visit exceptional. There are far enough tourists as in Tulum, or in Chichen Itza. In addition, it has one advantage that no other place on Mayan Riviera has no longer. Mayan pyramids can no longer be coming to Mexico for their preservation. The Pyramid in Ek Balam is completely the last thing hikers can climb. And that this output is really worth it. You can enjoy a lovely treasure on ancient ruins lying in the middle of a large jungle.

4. Cenote Maya

Cenote Maya belongs to the largest Cenotes in Mexico. Located near Coba Pyramids, Chichen Itza. Interest also offers the possibility of completing different experience sports. For example, you can spend a cave or start the water to hang on the trigger rope with the grip. For less daring is possible access to Cenotes even the stairs.

5. Swimming with a whale shark

Would you dare to swim with the biggest fish in the world? The whale shark can reach up to 15 meters and it’s really a huge fish. Mexico offers tourists truly a lifetime experience and that is swimming with these huge creatures. However, you don’t have to worry about anything. This shark feeds on plankton and is completely harmless. Seeing this shark in a natural environment is a great rarity and in the Caribbean sea, you also have this option only seasonally. Specifically, you can see them from June after half September when they have a mating period. It is mainly in the carbs sea and the jokes are migrated on the season.

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6. Tulum

Another important archaeological finder is Tulum. Since this former Mayan town is really small, it is often overpopulated and for his review, you will need a few hours. This place is also known thanks to the iconic pictures of Pyramids with a beautiful beach that you can also do the cliff. Unfortunately, in the last four years, the Mexican coast is flooded by seaweed from Brazil and therefore do not need to capture the beach with white sand, but the steam knives. Likewise, swimming may not be made available, since the beach is a tortoise tap site, the state has limited tourist access to this famous beach. However, it does not change that Tulum is an exceptional place that played an important role in the Maya pricing and pays to visit him.

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7. Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres in translation means the island of women. However, it does not actually have anything to do with the women. This just 7 km long island is a dream of all holidayers. You will find a sand beach with palm trees and turquoise water. Just paradise. Also near this island can also be seen sharks whales or marine cards.

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8. Valladolid

Mestečko Valladolid vyzerá viac mexicky,ako samotné Mexiko. Takáto krásna scenéria sa vám naskytne buď v amerických filmoch, alebo priamo vo Valladolide. Sú tu farebné domy, tequila na každom rohu, ľudia jedia tacos a nosia tie slamené mexické klobúky. Dominantou Valladolidu je kostol San Servacio, ktorý sa nachádza hneď vedľa hlavného námestia Parque Principal Francisco Cantón Rosado s fontánou uprostred.

9. Mangrove trees in Mexico

Mangrove stands are a very exceptional type of vegetation. Due to a constantly lifting sea level, they belong to the endangered species. They live in the rivers coving usually into the sea and can survive in a hundred times slaughter water as ordinary plants. These on the view of the special expensive trees in the rivers allow for the right ecosystem experience for tourists. In Mexico, you will find many places where tourists can sail through the mangrove stands on a boat, Paddle Board, or simply through them to swim.

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10. Wildlife, Mexico

Mexico is an amazing country to watch exotic animals. If you are a fan of nature then Mexico is really for you. You even don’t even have to go far to see some of them. For example, in the holiday resorts themselves you can see monkeys, lays, teddy bears clean, giant butterflies, and many other animals. Many resorts are surrounded by jungle and animals as the nasals know simply to get food in the resorts. But outside resorts are larger animals. In Mexico, you would also find crocodiles, whale sharks, dolphins, or steel.

11. Beach day

Mexico is known for its idyllic beaches with white sand and turquoise Caribbean sea. The rest on the beautiful beach falls well to each of us. However, it is necessary to have a lookout. Mexico Last 4 years flooded with seaweeds because of the climatic crisis and often the bathing water is completely impossible. In this case, it is necessary to indulge in the palm tree and a book in hand.

Which of the places whether the activities have taken you the most? For me personally, it is a very difficult question. It is amazing to have the possibility of life to observe exotic animals and even attend the monuments from the time of blossom of Mayan civilization. Every place has something to itself and Mexico clearly belongs to countries that should not be missing on your bucket letter.