The MoMa Museum of Modern Art in New York is one of the ten most visited museums in the world, as well as the Louvre in Paris and the Vatican Museums. You will find a wide collection of modern and contemporary art from world-famous painters, sculptors, artists and photographers. MoMe also stores several works that are still being taught by schoolchildren, these are the 5 best known.

1. Salvador Dalí – La persistencia de la Memoria, MoMa

The picture La persistencia de la Memoria can be translated from Spanish as confirmation of the memory. This work by the controversial artist Salvador Dali is also often referred to as a soft clock that can be recognized in the painting. The unmistakable paintings of Salvador Dali are captivated by their unconventional appearance. Whether they are elephants and long-legged horses, flying tigers or melting hours, this artist has always captivated. Many critics even claim that Salvador Dali painted his paintings under the influence of drugs. Whether it is true, we will never know.

MoMa Salvador Dali 300x225 - MoMa-You can find these 5 works of art in New York

2. Andy Warhol – Golden Marilyn Monroe, MoMa 

Probably the most famous work of art by Slovak artist Andy Warhol exhibited at the MoMa Museum in New York. It is painted in the style of pop art, which originated in America during the Second World War. War. Andy Warhol is the most popular representative of this art style, and the colorful portraits of actress Marilyn Monroe are proof of that.

MoMa Golden Marilyn Monroe 300x225 - MoMa-You can find these 5 works of art in New York

3. Vincent van Gogh- Starry Night, MoMa

Picture Starry Night by Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincenth van Gogh originated as early as the 18th century. The picture shows the view from the room window of the psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France before sunset. Vincenth van Gogh added to the sunset a cypress tree, which he saw in the sanatorium. This work is one of the most famous paintings in the world and is included in the permanent exhibition at the MoMa Museum in New York.

Starry night1 300x242 - MoMa-You can find these 5 works of art in New York

4. Pablo Picasso-Miss Avignon, MoMa

Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous painters in the world. He is a co-founder of the artistic movement called Cubism. Who would not know Picasso’s picture of Miss Avignon (exhibited in MoMa), or the picture titled Sitting Woman, which is characterized by a number of geometric shapes. His works are exhibited in museums all over the world. One of his collections is also exhibited in Cologne, Germany.

IMG 0876 2 300x225 - MoMa-You can find these 5 works of art in New York

5. Henri Matisse – Dance

 Henri Matisse is one of the best known French artists and most of his works are abstract. In addition to painting, he devoted himself to sculpture and was a collector of black art. His most famous works include The Snail or Dance, which depicts five naked people dancing in a circle. Dance is exhibited at MoMa in New York and enjoys great interest from visitors.

IMG 0902 300x225 - MoMa-You can find these 5 works of art in New York


MoMa is just one of New York’s many attractions, ranked among the world’s most visited monuments, attractions and institutions. Read New York- The 28 Greatest Places in Big Apple to find out what you can find in this magnificent and unique city.