Nice is the capital of Côte d´Azur, or the azure coast. Historic sites, spacious beaches and as the name reveals azure clear water and much more can be found in Nice.

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1. Castle Hill

Beautiful view of the whole city you will have from the lookout platform Castle Hill. You can get there either by stairs or by a free lift. Stroll through the beautiful gardens while enjoying panoramic city views.

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2. Notre-Dame

Notre Dame is said to be found everywhere in France. In this Nice, we can confirm this rule, because in this city you will find the cathedral of Notre Dame. Although not as big as the famous Parisian Notre-Dame, it looks really similar, so this cathedral with an identical name is worth a visit.

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3. Russian Orthodox Church

Before visiting Nice, I searched the Internet for various sights to see what I wanted to visit. One particular monument attracted me more than the others. It was the Russian Orthodox Church. Nicholas, who at first sight impresses with his architecture. Although this church was not the closest to the coast where we were as a cruise group, our party was convinced that it simply had to see this church. So we went on a small city tour to see one of Nice’s most beautiful buildings. 

The Orthodox Cathedral really did not disappoint us, and I can say with peace in my heart that this is the most beautiful church I have ever seen in my life. And I certainly recommend looking into it not only from the outside, but also from the inside, where you can also admire the beauty and unusuality of orthodox architecture.

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4. Masséna Square

As well-known square in Nice is surrounded by striking red and orange buildings as well as many beautiful palms. Interesting atmosphere is completed by checkered tiles of the whole square.

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5. Promenade des Anglais

The rocky beach is also noteworthy, which in summer is overwhelmed by tourists in swimsuits who enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean in warm weather. We were in Nice in April, and as the weather was not the most warm, we postponed the bath for another visit. At least we walked barefoot on the rocks to compensate. but of course, swimming in such a well-known resort should be experienced.

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6. Hotel Negresio

On most magnets or postcards from Nice you will find the silhouette of the hotel tower. This hotel is called Negresio and thus became the central building of the city. For budget travelers this hotel certainly not. It is known that celebrities or other prominent personalities are staying here at the Negresio Hotel when visiting this charming French city.

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If you are interested in Nice and would like to visit other places from the Côte d’Azur, then I recommend Port Grimaud or Saint Tropez.