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The Red Sea is the northernmost sea with coral reefs in the world, so it is no wonder that it attracts mainly European tourists. It is home to thousands of unique species including colorful fish, octopuses, turtles, dreaded sharks, and friendly dolphins. The diversity of the underwater world makes the Red Sea a paradise for divers or snorkelers.

red sea2 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef

red sea3 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef


The Red Sea is located between North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. These continents are separated by the Suez Canal, which has greatly facilitated shipping for decades. For tourists, the Red Sea coast is a great destination, ideal for underwater safari. The most visited country that boasts the Red Sea coast is Egypt. Other states are Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but as most of these states are not safe for tourists, Egypt continues to hold one of the first rungs of Africa’s most visited states.

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Photo diary – Red Sea

This year I visited the Egyptian holiday resort of Marsa Alam. It is a perfect place for a summer holiday and relatively close is the historical city of Luxor, which I have been visiting for a very long time. The sea was really beautiful and full of amazing creatures, with the GoPro camera rented, I managed to take some nice shots of a coral reef and its underwater life while snorkeling. Although I unfortunately did not see any shark, dugong, or turtle, I found there a huge range of beautiful fish, or even one octopus.

ja v mori1 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef

Red Sea is also home to many fish from the movie Finding Nemo

Do you remember these fish from the world-famous animated comedy Nemo? For example, the forgetful blue fish Dory (Surgeon fish), Gill with the long back fin (Moorish Idol), Bubbles (Yellow Tang), the fish that really loved bubbles, or the inflatable fish Bloata (Porcupine Pufferfish)? Right in the Red Sea you can find them all!

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zlte rybicky 300x194 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef


 Pufferfish is notoriously known as an inflatable fish or as a quadruped fish. In the event of danger, this fish is a truly unusual show. To prove that it is dangerous for a predator, it inflates to the size of a soccer ball and erects its spines. This way he really is no longer a shark or a moray eel.

nafukovacia rybicka 1 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef

Parrot fish

We will not guess what special role this colorful fish plays. The parrot fish produces the leak! Yes, really, exactly the sand you walk barefoot on the beach. The parrot feeds on dead corals, the undigested remains of the coral are eliminated and the waves reach the shore. It got its name thanks to its colorful coloring and distinctive pens that resemble a parrot’s beak.

papagaja ryba 300x227 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef

Can you find the octopus in the picture?

Although it may not be clear at first sight what is to be taken in the picture, after a while you will be able to find a small red octopus.

Chobotnica2 1 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef

Coral reef – underwater city

Pollution of seas and oceans

Fish, coral, octopus and…. Starbucks cup, just a short distance away from the glass, a big plastic bag. It is really sad that plastic waste also gets into the seas and oceans. Unlike organic waste, plastic does not decompose and remains in its original form. Plastic bags are the cause of many species of animals, both on land and under water. Sea turtles, which feed on jellyfish, often mistake such a plastic with their natural food, and followed by immediate death. Respect for animals can be a good motivation for us to save resources, in this case mainly plastic products such as plastic.

How can we help? The simplest way to save plastics is not just more environmentally friendly, but also more convenient. Instead of buying a plastic bag in a food that still ends up in a trash can, a canvas bag is a convenient alternative, which can be easily folded and can be carried with you at all times. In addition, I think that the canvas you choose looks much tastier than a plastic bag, with a large inscription of your favorite foods. stop using plastic straws. We can still drink the drink without them, and why wouldn’t we do it if we at least help?

koraly a starbucks 1 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef

red sea1 300x225 - Red Sea, Egypt-Photo diary of coral reef