Salzburg2 - Salzburg- What makes this Austrian city so special?

Salzburg is a city in Austria and one of the greenest cities in Europe. It is famous mainly thanks to the composer Wolfgang A. Mozart, who was born in the town. You can also find his birth house here. An interesting monument is also the castle or fortress Hohensalzburg. In this article you can read about the sights and attractions of the city.



Salzburg is located in the very north of Austria, near the German border.Austria is a mountainous country with lots of forests and the city of Salzburg is no exception. Surrounded by mountains, it has become a very good location for life. The local mountains are suitable for hiking and in winter you can ski in the area, which is Austria’s most popular sport.

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Explore Salzburg

You can easily explore the city of Salzburg in one day. It is quite easy to walk around the city, but if you prefer a less demanding means of transport, for example, horse-drawn carriages are also available. This is a common tourist attraction, and in the city you can find such a coach on the leather corner. So what do you try?

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Sights in Salzburg

In the city you will also find many historical monuments. The most visited fortress is Hohensalzburg. It has a characteristic white color and is easily accessible by foot on foot, although it can also be reached by cable car to the top (as the fort is situated on a hill).

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Another well known building is the Cathedral of St. Rupert and Virgil.It is the most famous church of the city. Looking at the pictures of Salzburg you have already seen the turquoise turrets that characterize this city, so to speak. It is these towers that belong to this cathedral. It is interesting that W.A. Mozart composed many of his compositions just for this temple and I definitely recommend to visit him.

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Salzburg and prominent personalities

Salzburg is also known to be the birthplace of one of the greatest composers of all time. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here. In the souvenir stalls you will find many objects that refer directly to him. Even in the underground subways is portrayed by steetartists. Of course, in many places you can also buy famous Mozart balls. But what is perhaps the most remarkable monument associated with this giant is his native house, which is now open to the public.

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Local Fashion and Shopping

Another aspect you need to notice when visiting this city is the place of fashion. It is quite typical that women wear folk costumes. In Slovakia, citizens do not normally wear folk costumes but in Salzburg this is a traditional thing. These costumes, however, are not cheap at all, their price is around 2000 euros, and therefore the costume can not afford everyone. But it is very respectable how the people of Salzburg value their culture and try to preserve local customs and traditions. In the shops, however, you will find, for example, jewelry made by local artists or designers, which are also very valuable. Please note the jewelry price in the picture, showing the interpretation of one of the many shops in Salzburg.

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Sights in the surrounding area

 As Salzburg is located just a short distance from the German border in northern Austria, I also recommend visiting the pretty German city of Munich, which is only 1.5 hours away by car from Salzburg, or visit the romantic town of Hallstatt, only 1.5 hours away.

Salzburg is definitely worth a visit.

Salzburg is a truly exceptional place. It looks very refined and really clean. It has a rich culture and history and is one of the towns that you must visit.