If you meet a resident of San Marino, you are guaranteed to be convinced that he is not an Italian, but a true San Marino. The inhabitants of this fifth smallest state in the world, located in northern Italy, are very proud of their origin and their state in the state. After all, they should also be for something. San Marino is a truly unique tourist destination and there are many historical monuments.

Interestingly, even such a small state is one of the richest in the world and, as one of the few, has no debts at all. From a cultural point of view, it excels in historical monuments as well as interesting museums. What is the best time to spend 24 hours in San Marino and which places do you need to visit?

The dominant feature is La Guaita

Guaita Castle creates an unmistakable image of the state of San Marino. This unique fortress is located at the top of La Rocca and regularly appears in the rankings of the most beautiful castles in Europe. It is carved directly into the rock of Monte Titano and you can easily reach it by cable car. From the castle you will have an amazing view of San Marino as well as neighboring Italy. A visit to this place is undoubtedly worth it and therefore the main point of the program is this castle.

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San Marino has many interesting museums

Museum of curiosities

As the name suggests, you will find truly unprecedented curiosities in this museum. In addition to being able to laugh well at non-standard subjects, the museum also has an educational character. There you will learn about a number of fascinating facts from around the world that you will remember long after you leave the museum. The props there also include portraits of the tallest man in the world, or, conversely, the lowest woman in the world, who is only 63 cm tall. You will certainly be interested in the most difficult child in the world, or a woman who had more than a hundred objects in her stomach, including metal ones. But you certainly won’t guess what other curiosities you will find in this incredible museum, just be surprised.

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Museum of Torture and Torture Instruments

Although this museum is quite depressing, in this museum you will learn not only about torture practices from the past, but also about cruel rulers, who in grace especially loved violence. I honestly recommend a visit only with a stronger stomach. In this museum you will also find wax figures of the bloody Bathory or Vlad III., Known as Dracula. Despite the fact that the museum has a predominantly negative character, it provides true information in connection with history, so a visit to such a place can be interesting for many people. Do you dare?

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In addition to the already mentioned museums, there is also a museum of weapons in San Marino. The Palazzo Publico, built in the 19th century and offering original San Marino architecture, is also worth a visit. The main attraction, however, still remains the San Marino fortress. You can walk on the top of the hill and I definitely recommend this, as the castle is photogenic from every angle.

You will find restaurants and cafes on every corner, and some offer really beautiful views.

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