Switzerland, a small country in central Europe with a very rich culture. Many people associate this country with banks, cheese, chocolate, expensive watches and skiing. In fact, Switzerland offers much more. For example, there are amazing tourist destinations that every right traveler should visit. Switzerland offers a lot. In this article, I’ll present at least 4 amazing places in this state that you definitely need to visit.


1. Bern, Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, yet it is one of the smaller cities and also has only about 140 thousand inhabitants. The Aare River flows through Bern. It belongs to the UNESCO world heritage and also for its beautiful center. The main sights in the city are the historic tower clock, the Bärengraben bear park and the Swiss Parliament. It is also worth mentioning that you can also visit Albert Einstein’s house, who lived and worked in this city. You will also find the Cern Science and Research Center with an atomic accelerator. Of course, entry is only possible with a tour.

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2. Zürich, Switzerland

Interestingly, Switzerland is not at all so concentrated in one city and therefore the capital.In addition to Bern, there are many other amazing places.One of them is, for example, Zurich. Again, it counts among smaller cities with a small population. It lies near Lake Zurich, which only contributes to the quality of local housing. Land in this area is among the most expensive in the world and even if you have the finances, it is difficult to buy some land here, because people do not like to give up such valuable real estate. Zurich also offers high quality university education. It is interesting that there are several world-famous banks, such as UBS and Credit Suise.

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3. Geneva, Switzerland

As with many other Swiss cities, Geneva is also located by the lake, specifically near Geneva. Many world organizations such as the UN and WHO are based here. It belongs to important banking and business centers. It also hosts the Geneva Motor Show, which is visited by tourists from all over the world. Philosophy enthusiasts may like to visit Jean Rousse’s birthplace, but those who are looking for something even more significant and monumental will certainly enjoy the sight of the Geneva Fountain, which spouts water up to an incredible 140 meters!

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4. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe. It lies on the border between France and Italy, but many of this 4808 m.n.m. they attribute a high mountain to Switzerland. Also known is the Montblan tunnel, which is more than 11 km and its construction took up to 13 years.There are four hiking trails leading to the top of Mont Blanc, but perhaps a safer way to lead this mountain is to get there by cable car, though not exactly cheapest. Although it will not take you directly to the summit of Mont Blanc, but to the side of a slightly smaller hill, from which you will enjoy a beautiful view of the highest mountain in Europe.

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So these were 4 interesting and frequently visited places in Switzerland, a beautiful country to be visited. Other well-known tourist destinations include the town of San Moritz, with world-famous ski resorts. It is up to you which cities you visit in Switzerland. ?

If you are also interested in trips or visits to the surrounding countries, for example, near Switzerland are cities such as Milan or even the state of Liechtenstein with the capital Vaduz, which is also worth a visit.