In Europe, you will find many beautiful beaches. Whether you are traveling to Malta, to Greece, Spain, Italy, or Cyprus, everywhere are amazing places and everyone has something. However, some beaches offer much more than just plain sand and the sea. Look at the list of the 6 most beautiful beaches in Europe!

1. Blue Lagoon, Malta

The blue lagoon in Malta really belongs to the most beautiful places in Europe. Located on Comino Island, which is one of the islands of Malta. Hundreds to thousands of tourists come here every day and have a good reason for it. This place is truly thanks to your fairy blue net water charming. In addition to the bathing, you can also touch the naturally created rock caves and other formations that you can see by the way by the Comino boat while driving. Blue Lagoon even considers the quantities of people for one of the most beautiful beaches of the world and this opinion is inclined, for example, the most closest Slovak Ľuboš Fellner. So you would definitely not miss the Blue Lagoon if you want to get to know Malta.

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2. Navagio beach, Greece

Another beautiful beach is located on the Greek Island Zakynthos. Navagio Beach is a real jewel of this island. It is interesting to make a shipwreck that is situated in the middle of the beach. Tourists can move freely after this wreck and take it after it. However, remember that on this beach you get only by boat. But you will also have an awesome platform above the bay. You can look at the beach Navagio with a wreck bet in the environment of rocky cliffs and you will also see one of the NYJAJNI Beaches not only in Europe but also in the world.

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3. Benagil beach, Portugal

The famous Banagil Cave was marked as one of the 10 most popular caves in the world according to Huffington Post. Of course, it is also one of the most important places throughout Pupphalia and the beach in this cave is absolutely unique. On a tike beach can be reached in two ways. Perhaps the best is to rent a kayak or Paddle Board (at the beach you will find a number of landlords) and to suppress it to the cave. This way is preferred because it is the only option to get on the cave beach and see this unique from each angle. Another option is to go on a circular ride along the Algarvian reefs. The boat will also introduce you to Benagil Cave, but you will not be able to stay there and have time to get a place. Although it could be reached into the cave, due to the large amount, ships, boats, and kayaks could be dangerous.

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4. Elafonisi, Greece

Absolutely the most beautiful beach on Greek Island Crete is called Elafonis. Elafonisi was mainly famous for his pink sand that attracts tourists, photographers, and families with children. The sea is crystal blue and pleasant for swimming. ELAFONISI is also interesting, which surrounds the lagoon. Although the beach is relatively hardly accessible is every day visited with a large number of tourists who get up early and try to book the best place on the beach.

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5. Positano, Italy

Positano is the most famous town on the beautiful Amalgian coast in South Italy. The local beach is in the middle of the mountains on rocky reefs and represents a perfect experience for sea lovers, but also city tourism. In the town, you will find many cafés and restaurants and because Positano is maximally photogenic and perfect views will be from each angle. The sea is really nice to bathe and the iconic environment Positano can actually include the most beautiful in Europe.

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6. Marinha beach, Portugal

Marinha Beach is the most beautiful and known beach in the whole Portugal. This sandy beach is located under red-gold rock reefs on the south coast of Portugal between Lagos and Albufeira.  Water here is relatively cold throughout the year (it is the Atlantic Ocean), the sea is very clean and Marinha beach is an inherent stop when visiting Algarve. Just a well-known Michelin Guide ranked Marinha Beach to the ranking of 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and between 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

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There are truly many wonderful beaches in Europe. Whether you are traveling to Malta, Greece, Spain, Italian or Cyprus, you will find beautiful places that are visited everywhere. This was the selection of only the 6 most beautiful beaches in Europe, but Europe is really much.