Rio de Janeiro, Cologne, Nice and Venice are the places where the world’s most famous carnivals take place every year. In Venice, the carnival takes place every year in February and attracts tourists from all over the world. I’ve been to Venice three times and twice to the carnival. But that doesn’t change the fact that next year I’m going to go there again. Venice is one of my favourite places, and the carnival makes them one of the most attractive cities in the world.

Benatky select1 300x225 - Venice-Photo Diary of the famous Venetian Carnival

Benatky karneval2 300x225 - Venice-Photo Diary of the famous Venetian Carnival


Carnevale di Venezia is the most famous European carnival. The masks have been worn in Venice since 1268. At that time there were no carnivals, but the masks served a completely different purpose. Many nobles wore masks while gambling, so no one could recognize them. That is why masks were later banned and their wearing was limited to carnival time. Meanwhile, the carnival itself has already been banned. Fortunately, however, it is renewed and tourists can participate in it every February. 

Many masks date back to the time when Venice was an important trading hub and the Venetian noblemen were among the richest people. Of course, not everyone was lucky enough to inherit such a costume, so today everyone can buy a porcelain mask or a complete costume and take part in the carnival. Carnival masks are really brave, they play in all possible colors, but in vain I will write about them, best to capture the photos. ?

Bentky krasna zena 300x225 - Venice-Photo Diary of the famous Venetian Carnival

This woman standing on St. Mark’s Square can be described as a real ornament of Italy. Her amazing costume complemented her attractive look and no wonder men stood in line to take a picture with her.


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