Zakynthos is a beautiful Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can enjoy a truly memorable holiday. Apart from staying in beautiful hotels, relaxing on the beach and bathing in the azure clear sea, Zakynthos is also attractive for travelers who like to explore and discover new places. And if you are one of the people who don’t just want to lie idle on the beach while on vacation, you can read what wonderful places you should visit and explore on this island.

First rent a car

Before we get to specific monuments, I would like to recommend you how to travel around the island. As Zakynthos is not very big, I definitely recommend renting a car to explore it. There are many rental cars on the island, sometimes even in the smaller towns.

So, once you have secured your transport, all you have to do is know what beautiful places to visit on the island.

Navagio beach

As the most interesting phenomenon of the island is the wreck of smuggling water in the bay. It is located on a beautiful white sand beach called Navagio. After this wreck you can move freely and climb on it. Access to this beach is only possible by cruise ship. But you will also have an amazing experience from the observation deck above the bay.

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Blue Lagoon

A very popular destination is the Blue Lagoon. This place is a bit colder than in other parts of the island. Due to the lower temperature, there is a higher incidence of some supporting animals, such as sea urchins, which can be found here in many ways.

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The largest flag in the world

As I mentioned, you need to get to Navagio beach by a cruise ship, you can also connect this cruise with a cruise where you can see towering on the high rock, for example the largest flag in the world. and is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Keri Caves

You might also like Keri Caves. They are caves off the coast, which you also have to get with the help of smaller boats. The advantage of these tours is that you are often allowed to swim in the sea by the caves with crystal clear clear water. You would definitely have a great experience from such a trip.

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The oldest olives in the world

As Greece is well known for olive oil production, olives must also be grown there. There are many olive trees on Zakynthos, but one is quite special. You can keep the oldest olive in the world. Visiting this tree can be an experience not only for adults but also for children who can climb and fool around this tree.

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Zakynthos undoubtedly counts on the most beautiful islands of Greece. It is exceptional for its culture, nature and monuments. I would also like to mention that it is known for its cards and, therefore, sea turtles, which are very frequent in the vicinity of the island and are therefore a major attraction for tourists. Visiting Zakynthos is particularly worthwhile in summer, when the island is around 28 degrees, which is a very pleasant temperature for holiday and travel okiaIf you are interested in other Greek islands. Crete and Rhodes are also interesting.