Plitvice Lakes National Park or Plitvice for short is a true paradise on Earth. Crystal clear water, waterfalls and forests. The whole park is a beautiful tangle of lakes and waterfalls with beautiful nature, which gives visitors a calming impression.

Our trip to Plitvice

As Plitvice is located in the north of Croatia, it is a relatively close tourist destination for Slovaks. Only a few hundred kilometers separate us from Paradise on Earth! Of course it’s not just around the corner, but Plitvice are easily accessible and if you do not want to make long journeys by car, try bus tours, which are also very affordable. Since Croatia has been a member of the EU since 2013, a passport for most EU citizens is not necessary, it is sufficient for the OP. I recommend looking for accommodation through

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Plitvice park has its charm in every season change

I visited Plitvice for the first time in the autumn when they played the leaves of trees in all possible colours, and since there was no tourist season, there were really few visitors in the whole park. Of course, this did not hinder me at all, as I had no need to push through the crowds of people anywhere and was able to soak up the atmosphere. The whole scenario really enchanted me. So much so that I thought I wanted to see the Plitvice Lakes again during another time of year. It passed half a year and I came back again in the spring. This time Plitvice were blooming and I could see them again, but quite differently.

Plitvice offers an amazing travel experience during all seasons. (although during some months the park is closed). It is up to you whether you enjoy Plitvice in all colors in the autumn or prefer in the warmer months.

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Please note, however, that since Plitvice Lakes is a well-known tourist destination around the world, there are countless visitors in the summer. And since most of the sidewalks are narrow, people are jamming there, which can really spoil your experience. Therefore, I strongly recommend visiting this beautiful place out of season to avoid overfilling the masses of people.

Even at the entrance to the Plitvice Lakes National Park you will have such a beautiful view of the so-called Big Waterfall.

The national park is interconnected by wooden footpaths. I recommend walking in solid, ideal hiking shoes. Plan the length of your trip in advance so that you do not go unnecessarily and make the same mistake as I did during my first visit to Plitvice.

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Please do not make this mistake…

If you have planned your visit to Plitvice for only one day, time does not allow you to walk the entire park on foot. During my first visit, I decided very determinedly to walk to the other side of the lake (where there were other beautiful waterfalls) on foot, and without using the trails that run every now and then. But the lake is not as small as it seems. Yes, it looks small if you look from one end to the other, but there are points on the sides that you need to walk but you don’t see from the shore. Because of this kind of tourism, it takes only two hours for you to travel to the other side and you will not be able to see what you wanted.

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So please remeber, tickets, (prices are given in kuna), which you have already bought at the entrance, also serve as tickets for buses and buses, which you can transport around the park. Really use them! In addition, a short boat trip on the lake can also be a pleasant experience. ?

With these people or buses you can also get back to the whole Plitvice Lakes National Park. Even though I had to go back and forth during my first visit as I was so long delayed to admire the waterfalls that I missed the last boat to bring me back. So I had to go back and forth on that long journey by the lake. Almost in the dark, but but the experience was truly funny.

Finally, I would like to draw attention to the fact that it was in Plitvice was filmed the film Winnetou – Treasure on the Silver Lake. I think that this film also shows the beauty of Plitvice and it is definitely worth seeing.

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If you have any interesting experience from visiting Plitvice Lakes, please write in the comments. And for those who have not yet visited Plitvice, do so. ?