Egerszalók is a small village in the north of Hungary near the town of Eger, which is famous mainly thanks to the winery. Although Egerszalók does not know everyone, there is one unique world. Here you will find a salt hill that strongly resembles the salt lakes of Pamukkale in Turkey.

From a depth of 410 meters here springs a healing spring, which created two salt hills and next to a modern thermal swimming pool was built. Rushing water creates pond formations and, impressively, similar phenomena can only be found in the other two places in the world, in Pamukkale, Turkey and in the US Yellowstone National Park.

Solny vrch 300x225 - Egerszalók - a unique salt hill in Hungary

Solny vrch Madarsko 300x225 - Egerszalók - a unique salt hill in Hungary

Interestingly, these salt hills were created by accident, and when oil was searched for in this area in 1961, they accidentally stumbled upon a thermal spring that flows up to this day to form these beautiful salt formations. on site also built a thermal spa with wellness called Saliris Resort. The price for one night is around 120 euros. There are balcony rooms from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the salt hills.

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Whether you decide to visit the spa or just see the separate salt hills, you will have an experience in both cases. Although Egerszalók is not very well known in the world, it is a very interesting natural phenomenon that is worth visiting.

If you are interested in this salt hill and you would like to visit some places in the area, then I definitely recommend going to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.