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Kremnica- slovak historical town with a mint

Kremnica is a town in central Slovakia located in the district of Žiar nad Hronom. It has just over 5,000 inhabitants, but it is still very important. Why? Kremnica has the oldest mint in the world. Gold and silver have been mined in Kremnica since the 10th century, which is why Kremnica is also very …

Komarno1 1 - 6 Reasons to visit district city Komárno

6 Reasons to visit district city Komárno

Komárno is a district town in the south of Slovakia, which lies directly on the border with Hungary. Many people have no idea that Komárno can be a very interesting place for tourists. Here are the 6 most beautiful places you can visit in this city. 1. Europe Courtyard  Europe Square is truly a beautiful …