Berlin is unambiguously the most compelling German city. It was marked as one of the purest and highest cities in the world and also as a suitable place to live. Because of your freezing history, you can find many monuments from the Cold, or even the Second World War and thus is Berlin Perfect Place for Weekend City Break.

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1. Brandenburger Tor

On the interface of even, the Eastern and West Germany costs one of Berlin’s largest landmarks and the Brandenburg gate. This construction is many people connect with significant historical events and one of them and fall mowing. Therefore, Brandenburger Tor should not be missed at the visit to Berlin.

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2. Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie also includes very important places in Berlin. It is a cold war symbol. He served as a border crossing between Eastern and Western Berlin and is often represented in Hollywood films, such as James Bond, Atomic Blonde, or Spy Bridge.

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3. East Side Gallery, Berlin

EAST SIDE Gallery belongs to the Cold War and the distribution of Eastern and West Germany. In the past, this Wall was a division of two worlds and families, today you can find an exhibition of 105 paintings from artists from all over the world. The most powerful paintings include a kiss between Soviet Brezhnev and German politics Honeckrom. You certainly know the painting.

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4. Bundestag, Berlin

Berlin as the capital is also the headquarters of the German Parliament, ie Bundestag. It is characteristic of its glass dome and belongs to the most visited places in the city. For tourists, access to Parliament is made available if there is not going to negotiate and you can even look into the dome.

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5. Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz is a major transport node in Berlin. Today, this is a known place captured in different films, as it is an inherent part of the city. In the middle, you will find unconventional, so-called world clock-uranium.

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6. Fernsehturm

The dominant feature of the city is the Berlin TV Tower. It is up to 368 meters high and at a height of 203 meters there is a restaurant with a bar, where you can enjoy 360-degree views of Berlin in addition to food.

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7. Berliner Dom

The largest and most famous church in Berlin is located on the so-called Museum Island. Tourists can admire the church from the outside, but its interior is also accessible.

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8. Museum Island

In the heart of Berlin is one of the most important monuments and it is an island of museums. It consists of a total of five museums, the Old Museum, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery, the Pergamon Museum, and the Bode-Museum.

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9. Monument to the murdered Jews of Europe

Just a short walk from the Brandenburg Gate is the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Up to 2,711 concrete blocks of various sizes are located here, and together they cover an area of ​​up to 19,000 square meters and serve as a symbolic memorial to the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

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10. Hitler’s bunker

In Berlin, right next to the monument to the murdered Jews, there is a place where during the II. World War II was hidden by Adolf Hitler. This place was almost completely destroyed during the reconstruction of Berlin, and since 2006 you will only find an information board there. Although you can’t go directly to the bunker, you can at least visit the place under which the bunker is.

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