The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

I have been living in Aarhus for more than two years and as a big coffee lover, I was constantly discovering new places to enjoy a great cup of coffee. So I regularly tested several cafes and ended up creating this ranking of the 15 best cafes in Aarhus!

As a student, it was always an advantage for me to find a cozy place, or as the Danes say hygge, a place where I could take my laptop and prepare things for school and have a cup of coffee at the same time. Since I usually also have a sweet tooth, I like to get some danish pastries as well.

Although I have my favorite cafes where I like to return, I always try to find a new cafe and if it is good, I add it to my personal list of the best cafes. I evaluated the atmosphere of the cafe, whether the place is suitable for working online, the taste of the coffee, and the staff’s behavior towards the customers. Then I created this list of the 15 Best Cafés in Aarhus! I truly believe that you will be inspired to visit these beautiful cafes and you will find one that you may not have been to before.

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My Favorite Cafes in Aarhus

  • La Cabra
  • Lagkagehuset
  • Cross Café
  • Mor Anna
  • Salling Rooftop
  • NIce Cafe
  • Plantacafeen
  • Café Collective
  • Emma Emma
  • Dock 1 Cafe
  • Bådcafe
  • LYNfabrikken
  • Café Drudenfuss
  • Domen Aarhus
  • To kde som bola s Juliou

1. La Cabra

Suitable as workspace: Yes

La Cabra is one of the most popular local cafes. Its interior is characterized by pure Danish design and is popular mainly thanks to its roasting of exotic coffee beans. Here you can taste, for example, cold brew with different flavors depending on the origin of the coffee beans, which are carefully selected here, and if you like coffee, you can buy the beans right there.

In addition, they also have their own bakery, so you can be sure that they offer fresh and really good pastries. The fact that, in addition to Aarhus, it also has branches in New York, Bangkok, and Copenhagen also testifies to the success of this cafe. When it comes to quality, I definitely recommend visiting La Cabra cafe.

IMG 7971 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

2. Lagkagehuset

Suitable as workspace: No

The absolute best cakes I’ve ever eaten are at Lagkagehuset. You won’t find such delicious desserts easily. At Lagkagehuset they really care about their production and since they also have their own bakery. Their pastries are always fresh and tasty. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a place worth going to. Personally, I usually try to promote smaller cafes as franchises, but Lagkagehuset has honestly won me over and I come here regularly. This cafe has up to four different locations in Aarhus alone. One of the most popular is the one in the very center of the city in the Magazine.

If you are a student, it is also good to know that you have a 20% discount on hot drinks here 🙂

IMG 8063 215x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

3. Cross Cafe

Suitable as workspace: No

Cross Cafe is a cafe with a great location right in the heart of the city on Åboulevarden. It is open all day and you can go here for brunch, afternoon coffee, but also for dinner or some drinks. During the summer, you can take advantage of the fact that you can sit outside and enjoy a nice view of one of the most popular streets in Aarhus. Thanks to its unique location, this is definitely one of the best cafes in Aarhus.

IMG 7984 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

4. Mor Anna

Suitable as workspace: No

Mor Anna is my favorite cafe in the Latin Quarter. It’s a small, cozy place with a bakery, where they make great pastries and creative cakes that I like to have packed with me. Although Mor Anna is a relatively small place I do not recommend it for working with a computer. Its advantages are in quality coffee, pastries, and desserts. I definitely recommend a visit if you find yourself in Latinkvartet.

IMG 7983 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

5. Salling Rooftop

Suitable as workspace: No

Outdoor coffee with the best view in town? Yes, you can find such a place in Aarhus. At the Salling Rooftop, you can choose from their wide menu. Plus you have here a panoramic view of the sea and the whole city. But you don’t have to go there only when the weather is nice, because, in addition to the outdoor terrace, you can also sit inside, so this place really has its charm every day of the year. Otherwise, this rooftop is accessible free of charge to everyone, not just visitors to the cafe. It is certainly one of the most visited places in the whole city and you will also be impressed by the glass roof on which you can walk directly above the street. Salling Rooftop is one of the best cafes in Aarhus precisely because of the view there.

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6. NIce Cafe

Suitable as workspace: No

Have you got a taste for a good Italian gelato or a French éclair? Then go to the cozy cafe NIce. Here you will be served with good coffee, wine, and desserts inspired by foreign cultures. Since they have their own bakery, it is definitely worth trying their delicious pastries. I personally really like the local éclair desserts, which are really comparable to the French ones. Or you can also choose other tasty pastries since they change their recipes from time to time!

IMG 7993 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

7. Plantcafeen

Suitable as workspace: Yes

A cafe with jungle aesthetics. In this unique space, you will suddenly be surrounded by plants and a modern interior. But Plantcafeen is not just a cafe, but a place for real plant lovers. This place offers regular workshops where you can create your own decorations with live plants under the supervision of people in the field and feel like a real botanist. It is a great place for a date or a creative evening with friends.

As you might consider this place as a workspace, it is a great place for working with a laptop. But it’s a good idea to find out in advance when they have workshops planned there because if the cafe is full, the place turns into a laptop-free zone. Whether or not you’re an obsessive plant parent who knows all types of plants, this place will really blow your mind with its unique jungle-like atmosphere, and it’s one of the best coffee shops in Aarhus.

IMG 8002 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

8. Coffee Collective

Suitable as workspace: Yes

A good cafe in the Latinerkvarteret, ideal for working with computers and for a quiet coffee. This cafe places great emphasis on procuring quality coffee beans. You will be interested to know that it was a Certified B Corporation, which is a company that places more emphasis on purpose than on profit. You can also read more about their bean sourcing and sustainability goals on their Caffee Collective website. Otherwise, you can enjoy delicious pastries and really good coffee in a hygge Danish environment. As I like to go to cafes that are suitable as workspace, this is definitely one I recommend!

IMG 8006 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

9. Emma Emma

Suitable as workspace: Yes

This cafe won my heart immediately for several reasons. Great menu, cozy atmosphere, but above all, above-standard service. When we arrived at the cafe, the employee was particularly nice, and only later did I read on their website that they even won the award for the best service in the city in 2023. As the name suggests, the cafe was founded by a young creative girl named Emma, ​​and she is doing very well in business so far. You can support her by booking a table for her brunch or trying her delicious desserts. And not to forget, it’s also a good workspace!

IMG 7969 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

10. Dokk 1 Cafe

Suitable as workspace: Yes, very much!

I’m certainly not going to tell you that this is a special and wonderful cafe that you must visit at all costs. So what makes her special and why is she on this list? It is for its location. The cafe is located in Dokk 1, where the city library is also located, and it is the best place to work online if you need to focus on learning. Dokk 1 is a public place suitable for studying with a view of the sea and the modern district of Aarhus Ø. As it was particularly important for me as a student to search for such libraries, the cafe in Dokk 1 suited me immensely and I recommend it to all students.

IMG 8001 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

11. Bådcafe

Suitable as workspace: No

Aarhus is a port city and many ships are located here. So you probably won’t be surprised that someone used their boat very creatively and turned it into a cafe at sea. Bådcafe is a cozy boat cafe located in Marselisborg Lystbådehavn. I was here only once and I was mainly interested in its uniqueness. If the combination of delicious coffee, food and a little nautical atmosphere excites you, you know where to go.

Screenshot 2023 11 07 at 13.12.28 222x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

12. LYNfabrikken

Suitable as workspace: Yes, very much!

A great workspace with a cafe. LYNfabrikken is my favorite place when I need to focus on work. It’s a converted factory, which they turned into a really cool place in terms of design. In addition, it is also a great place for brunch with a great view. This cafe also has a rooftop terrace with a view of the iconic Aros Art Museum. They offer several brunch menus here and the coffee is really good. Definitely one of the best cafes in Aarhus.

IMG 8065 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

13.  Domen

Suitable as workspace: Yes

In Aarhus harbor, you will find this unique gem-Domen. This modern dome-shaped building is mainly based on sustainability and is a real architectural gem. Inside you will find a cozy cafe surrounded by plants, thought, what is best is the view there. You can also see the modern district of Aarhus Ø and you can also look at the rough sea. Really beautiful view and for the overall effect of this place, Domen is definitely one of the TOP cafes in Aarhus.

IMG 7988 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

14. Cafe Drudenfuss

Suitable as workspace: No

Cafe Drudenfuss can also be classified as a restaurant or bar. Everyone will find their own way here. It is located in the heart of the Latin quartet and is a design establishment with lots of posters and cool modern furniture. It has a pleasant atmosphere and is a suitable place for an evening beer with friends, as well as an afternoon coffee.

IMG 7975 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

15. Café Casablanca

Suitable as workspace: No

Café Casablanca is a café and restaurant in the heart of Aarhus. It has a unique interior, decorated with many posters, the overall atmosphere of the cafe is very pleasant. In addition, you can sit on their outdoor terrace during warm summer days. However, the place is not suitable as a workplace. On the contrary, I recommend going here for coffee with a friend or straight to their crunch, as they say there, that is, brunch 😀

IMG 8004 225x300 - The 15 Best Cafes in Aarhus

If you know of another cafe that you think should also be on this list, don’t hesitate to write its name in the comments!