Alberobello is a fairytale village in southern Italy located in the region of Puglia. If you want to visit this magical place, your flight will first go to the largest city in the region, Bari. From here, Alberobello is just 40 km away and is the main tourist attraction in the area. It will fascinate you mainly with its characteristic architecture and the so-called trulli houses.

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Alberobello-How to get there?

The best way to get to Alberobello from Bari. There is a regular flight from Vienna (usually you can also find it among special flight tickets). The village of Bari is just 40 km away. However, when my boyfriend and I wanted to go there, we just caught a lockout and instead of the usual 1-hour trip (as also indicated by the Rome to Rio app), we went to Alberobello for up to 3 hours. Without exclusion, the journey takes about an hour and you can go there directly by bus. We had to consider both the bus and the train. But the train station about 17 km from Alberobello we decided to call a taxi. To our great surprise, they told us that their town is so small that no taxis run there. Never mind, we waited and after all we reached Alberobello happily. But if you also have any luck in the lockout, I recommend taking a taxi directly from Bari, which is a relatively large city and taxi services normally run there.

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Trulli houses

Alberobello is visited by many tourists every year. Their main goal is to see the fascinating architecture of the so-called trulli of houses that are scattered throughout the region of Puglia. They are characterized by their conical roofs, white walls and many have mysterious symbols such as a pierced heart, the Star of David or spiders. These houses have been preserved from 1500 -1700 and are admirable to this day. The history of the origin of these buildings is very interesting and you would certainly not think of the purpose of their creation.

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History of trulli houses

The history of the trulli houses dates back to 1500, when the feudal family of the Acquavivans decided not to pay taxes to the king. Therefore, she ordered the construction of houses that the inhabitants could demolish as soon as the royal control arrived. In this cunning way, property taxes would be avoided and housing could be rebuilt quickly. Thus, the family ordered the peasants there to build only houses made of local material and without the use of mortar, which were really simple and immediately demolished after the arrival of every single royal check.

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However, as you can imagine, citizens did not like this treatment at all. After all, their homes had to be destroyed every time. Citizens began writing various petitions against this method of tax evasion, and the king complied to their great surprise. From the 17th century, the city no longer had to pay taxes and so the trulli houses were preserved.

It is relatively rare that these exceptional buildings have been preserved 300-500 years after their construction. But trulli is not only in the village of Alberobello. You will find them scattered almost throughout the Puglia region and this is what makes this region truly exceptional.

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Is Alberobello worth a visit?

I have wanted to visit Alberobello for several years. It started when I saw a photo from this magical place somewhere on a pinterest, and then I just clicked there and I didn’t even have time to read in what state this place is located. It took literally a few years to find out that Alberobello was in the south of Italy, and when I found special tickets to nearby Bari, I immediately wanted to go there.

At Alberobello you will really need 2-3 hours with lunch. So we really spent the whole day during the trip mainly on the bus. However, despite the long journey, I really liked Alberobello and I would visit him even if I had to travel there even longer. : D After all, we went to Bari just because of this fairytale village. But I’m not saying it has to interest everyone. I really wanted to go there for a few years and so my motivation was great. As far as Alberobello is interesting for you, I don’t know, try to judge by the photos. 🙂

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